A Real Emergency?

From time-to-time we inadvertently set off our alarm here at the office.  It sends us scrambling through the building, trying to remember the correct code amid of flurry of “oops!” and “it was an accident!”

This really isn’t a big deal.  The four of us end of giggling and eventually settle back into whatever we were doing five minutes earlier.

This isn’t the case when an organization finds itself in the midst of a real emergency.  Deep funding cuts, a terrible lapse of judgment on the part of one or a few staff members, or an out-of-control board of directors can lead to any number catastrophes in the non-profit world.

It can feel like a black cloud has swallowed everything in its path, and the last thing you want to do is reach out to your supporters.  But that is exactly when we want to hear your voice on the other end of the line!

When we fund a program or a project, it becomes a part of us.  As much as we love to celebrate your success, much like a proud parent at an awards banquet, we also want to be here for you when times are tough.

Maybe we can offer an emergency mini-grant to keep the lights on or the space for a much-needed heart-to-heart between well intentioned peers that have inadvertently stepped on each other’s mission.  No matter the scenario, I can assure you that your Community Foundation staff is here for you, even if you just need to take a deep breath and imagine that tomorrow will be a better day.