June - you have finally arrived!

The chance of waking up to snow fades, stopping by farmers' markets goes back on our to-do lists, and our lawn mowers spring back into action.

Perhaps the most exciting day of June - the one circled in bright red pen on Community Foundation calendars all over town - is the last day of school. Graduation celebrations, ranging from Kindergarten all the way to the "big one" fill backyards and local parks with beaming students and bittersweet parents wondering where the year went.

But my mind isn't on the seniors we will watch walk across the stage later this month. Instead, I am thinking about the juniors waiting in the wings for their final year to begin in September. As the penultimate official summer at home starts later this month, I have a very special request to make.

(Why beat around the bush?)

By now, your college search should be in full swing, and as you debate which campus feels right, your parents are wondering if they really need to use shampoo and conditioner for the next few years as they look at the price of tuition at your safest of safety schools.

Can you imagine their delight if you spent some time researching local scholarships this summer? You can even get a jump start on your essays and asking for reference letters before the alphabet soup of AP, ACE, IB, ACT, and SAT consume every waking moment after Labor Day.

This is your chance to turn the next two months into lower student loan payments for twenty years.

Here is the link that can change your life.

If you have questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to Katie McConville. (I promise, you can work on scholarship applications and still have plenty of time to binge Friends on Netflix.)

Seniors, good bye and good luck!
Juniors, see you soon!