Guest Blog: Ken Ryan, Food Bank of the Southern Tier

Ken Ryan, Food Bank of the Southern Tier

Ken Ryan, Food Bank of the Southern Tier

My favorite memory from working at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier was my very first Community Food Distribution (CFD). Getting food ready to be distributed to the people of the community was a big task. When we opened the garage door to start the distribution, I was shocked. I was shocked because of all the people that had a need for the service and the food that we were providing. 

To see people’s faces when we put the food in their vehicles for them just made me feel overwhelmed.  The Food Bank is such a needed necessity in the six-county region that they serve. By providing people in need with the staples to take care of their nutritional needs made me feel that what I do at the Food Bank does make a difference. 

There is still hunger in the communities that we serve but every little bit that we do at the Food Bank will put a dent in ensuring that hunger can be eradicated and help people in need. 

This experience became my most favorite memory because I have been where the people are that come to these CFD's and understand what they are going through. Seeing the joy in people’s faces when they receive the much needed food and personal care items is priceless. It is important to them because then they can use what we distribute to help supplement what they can get with the income or resources that they have available.  

The CFD's allowed me to see that we cannot be judgmental when it comes to distributing to  people in need. I have learned that just because a family has a nice vehicle does not mean that they have enough income to take care of their family's needs. The CFD is a way that we can help families during their time of need.