Guest Blog Post: Making New Connections


I always try to live by the idea that giving can be so much more rewarding than receiving. Volunteering has become something I genuinely enjoy and get so much out of. Nothing beats feeling like you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

My experience at a local nursing facility has been so enjoyable. I have not only connected with the residents and their families but even with the staff. It all becomes evident when a resident recognizes you and you see their face light up, or when one of their family members asks about how your job is going and even when a staff member asks if you’ll try and volunteer during their shift next time... you can’t help but feel like you’ve made some small impact on their lives and there’s no better feeling than that.

I always leave with a sense of gratification that is so fulfilling. Not only do I enjoy volunteering at the nursing facility for all the above reasons, but it is also personal for me as my grandmother lived her last few years there before she passed away. I am happy to contribute my time to the facility and community of individuals whom at one time had taken my own family member in and treated her as such. Volunteering has allowed me to make connections within my own community that I may have not otherwise had the opportunity and for that, I am grateful.