Quality of Life

Every five years we embark on an exciting strategic planning journey. Though we have a clear sense of our ultimate goal – to create a permanent charitable endowment flexible enough to meet the needs of the community now and forever – it is important to pause and talk about the best ways to reach that goal in the five-years immediately ahead of us.

QoL Elements Graphic.jpeg

 During our 2015 planning process, we realized something was missing from the conversation: all of you! Even with a volunteer board of directors and skilled staff working to represent the various groups that make up our community, we had never asked the people of the Finger Lakes directly what they want and need to have a great life.

That was how the Community Foundation Quality of Life research project was born. From day one, it was guided entirely by community voices. Focus groups touching every corner of our area identified the categories that became the framework for the larger research activities. Then nearly 1,000 community members responded to our survey! Thanks to you and your neighbors, we now have a clear sense of what is important to the people that call Elmira, Corning, and the Finger Lakes home.

We will now use all of this information as we build the 2020-2025 strategic plan. A few key themes jumped out right away, especially around child care and transportation. But we will also be digging in deeply to these findings to make sure we are on the right track in all of our activities.

 The full report is available here on our website:

We can’t wait to see what we learn in 2025 when we replicate this research. Let’s work together to ensure this great place to live only gets better.