A Real Emergency?

From time-to-time we inadvertently set off our alarm here at the office.  It sends us scrambling through the building, trying to remember the correct code amid of flurry of “oops!” and “it was an accident!”

This really isn’t a big deal.  The four of us end of giggling and eventually settle back into whatever we were doing five minutes earlier.

This isn’t the case when an organization finds itself in the midst of a real emergency.  Deep funding cuts, a terrible lapse of judgment on the part of one or a few staff members, or an out-of-control board of directors can lead to any number catastrophes in the non-profit world.

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Community Foundation question: “What should I do with my hands?”

For those of you who have been following our 40 Grants in 40 Weeks project, you may have noticed that once the camera is rolling, I have no idea what to do with my hands.  Seriously, they are either waving (seemingly uncontrollably) to make a point or shoved in my pockets.  Somehow I manage to get through the day off-camera without worrying about my hands at all, yet once a camera is in front of me I transform into something straight out of a Fosse musical.

I was thinking about this while watching the most recent video surprise (congratulations Glove House!), and it struck me that I faced a similar challenge ten years ago when I became a grantmaker.  Rather than wondering what to do with my hands, I wondered what to do with my opinions.  Should I make sure to disclose my personal feelings at every turn (seemingly uncontrollably) or should I bury them as to never allow the tiniest amount of perceived bias invade my work?

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