How I learned you can grant love

When we launched the 100 Classrooms project earlier this year, I thought the teaching/learning part would be a one-way street.  I teach; they learn.

After covering the basics of philanthropy and the vocabulary of professional grant makers, each class, regardless of age, is taken through a series of decision-making steps.  If they have elected to become human services grant makers, I ask them to list everything people, animals, and the planet need to survive.  Quickly, the board fills with words like air, water, houses, and food.

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100 years

100 years. A lot happens in 100 years.  Just take a moment to imagine life in 1914.

An unprecedented World War was just starting.  The Great Depression, the Civil Rights movement, and personal computers were still in the future.  Even the science fiction of the time couldn’t predict the world of 2014.

But a small group of people in Cleveland knew that 2014 was coming. They knew that time marches on, and to thrive for generations a community must plan for its future.  There will always be children to educate, sick to comfort, and works of art to preserve.

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