The Good Works Podcast: Bringing the Community Foundation to You

Students, local nonprofits and community members are in the spotlight in this edition of the the Good Works project. The monthly video podcast includes interviews and storytelling about the good work happening right here in our community. Shot on location at nonprofits and local businesses, fun topics in philanthropy are at the center of discussion. View all of the Good Works Podcasts on the foundation's YouTube channel. 

Taking a Moment, Making a Difference: Good Works Storytelling

It's easy to spot the heroes who wear capes and uniforms, but what about the people who improve our world one small step at a time?
The Good Works Project tells the story of four tiny corners of our community affected positively by the efforts of a few dedicated people. These are the people who see a problem and go out of their way to fix it; they don't call or complain or wait for someone else, they simply take advantage of each opportunity for good.