Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


When will the scholarship applications be available?

Applications are available on our website by mid-November. Please review the list of scholarship descriptions before you apply online. 

If I am awarded a scholarship, will the check be sent to me?

Scholarship payments are sent directly to your college. It is important that we receive a copy of your tuition bill as soon as you receive it so that we can send a check in the amount of your scholarship to the college you are attending. You will receive a letter explaining how the payment plan works.

When will I be notified if I receive a scholarship award?

Most scholarship recipients will receive a letter of congratulations by the end of May. If you are not chosen as a recipient, you will receive a letter by July 1st. We do this because some of our scholarships are surprises and are announced at graduation ceremonies.

What if my parents/guardians have not filed the previous year’s return?

You may submit a copy of the most recent completed tax return. If there will be a substantial change in the amount from year-to-year, please include a note explaining the difference.

Does this mean that if my family is considered middle class that I will not be eligible for a scholarship?

No, we use guidelines that include middle class families. For example, a family of 4 making $107,000 per year would still receive a point for financial need.

Why do I need to submit my parent's most recent tax return?

You need to submit a copy of the tax return because we have several scholarships that are based on financial need. *Tax returns are only seen by staff and the returns are shredded after the recipient has been chosen.

Why is an essay required for some applications?

An essay is a great way for the selection committee to learn more about you. The selection committee is oftentimes able to learn more about who you are, the kinds of activities you’re interested in, your goals, etc. by reading your essay

If I want to apply for more than one scholarship, do I have to fill out more than one application?

If you are applying for scholarships that use the general scholarship application, you may complete one application for all applicable grants. All other scholarships have unique applications that must be completed.

Where can I find the deadline for the scholarships?

Each application has a start date (date that the scholarship is available for you to apply to) and an end date (the due date for the scholarship). If you are applying to one that is still being accepted in paper form, the due date is on the top of the page.