Deep Dive into Transformative Leadership

Application Deadline: December 7, 2018

The Community Foundation, in conjunction with Savannah Consulting, is pleased to offer the Women Leaders Launchpad.  Women Leaders Launchpad is an immersive/intensive deep dive into self-awareness and transformative leadership for up to ten women who want to change the trajectory of their lives and careers, and their organizations’ effectiveness.

•    Self-knowledge, the basis of leadership
•    Influencing skills and methods
•    Strategic thinking and creative problem solving
•    Work/life/energy balance
•    Networking and bonding with other professional women

The program includes a formal work-style/personality assessment and report (FEBI), 360-degree workplace pre-assessment, three three-hour group workshops, and three 90-minute individual coaching sessions over a two-month period.

Led by Rhonda Morton of Savannah Consulting, Launchpad sessions will be custom-designed based on participants’ needs.  Ten participants will be chosen to attend.  Only one participant per organization.  The Community Foundation will offer partial scholarships as needed to middle/senior managers and emerging leaders at non-profit organizations. 


Launchpad is designed for women leaders who are:
•    Willing to make an investment in themselves during and between sessions.
•    Open to creative expression, including storytelling, movement and the visual arts.
•    Committed to applying their learning on the job, at home, and in the community, and to sustaining changes long-term.
•    Interested in developing ongoing supportive relationships with co-participants.
•    Eager to become role models and mentors for their peers, and to transform their organizations through authentic and fearless leadership.


By taking the time to thoroughly explore their values, personality, workstyle, strengths and weaknesses, Launchpad participants will be able to articulate their life/career goals.

By taking risks outside their known world and succeeding, Launchpad participants will learn to trust their intuition and strengthen their imaginations in order to embrace workplace change with more confidence.  

By noticing and dissolving ingrained patterns, going to their edges, and stretching their ranges, they will learn to see more possibility in every situation, enabling them to take on stretch objectives.  

By applying whole-brain intelligence, they will learn to see the big picture, make leaping changes, and size up new situations quickly, allowing them to think more creatively and strategically.

By learning to be present to what is actually happening in any given moment, they will bring more mindfulness and better effort management skills to balance work/life demands while amplifying purpose and meaning.

By bonding with other women leaders, creating new structures and support systems, and adopting new life and work practices, they will ensure long-term sustainable change, and act as role models and mentors for their peers.


Rhonda Morton, transformation strategist with Savannah Consulting, starts with your strengths, expands what’s possible, and inspires you to transform.  For extensive information, see www.possibilityapplied.com. 

Rhonda makes ideas manifest.  She’s created businesses, engineered solutions to societal problems, directed improvisational performance ensembles, published three books, raised two children into adulthood and assisted countless people to create the life of their dreams.  She understands how to get things done and knows what gets in the way: ingrained patterns, an inability to see a new path, and lack of systems and structures to support transformation.

Through Savannah Consulting, Rhonda weaves together her entrepreneurial experience, insider view of business operations, and the skills of improvisational performance to open up a 360-degree horizon of possibility for individuals and teams.  She is a certified FEBI coach/consultant, and a certified InterPlay leader.

Rhonda works with brain-body-behavior linkages that make change easy and engaging.  In group workshops or individual coaching sessions, she literally moves you through experiential exercises pulled from the worlds of improvisation, neurobiology and the arts...to change the trajectory of your life.


Savannah Consulting, 139 Walnut Street, Suite 101, Corning, NY 14830


Applications due:  Dccember 7, 2018

Notified of selection: as applications are reviewed

Workshop 1: 1:00-5:00, January 16, 2019
Coaching session 1: TBD

Workshop 2:  2:00-5:00, February 6, 2019
Coaching session 2: TBD

Workshop 3: 2:00-5:00, February 27, 2019
Coaching session 3: TBD


$999 per person.  The Community Foundation will provide partial scholarships of up to 25% of the total cost to women employed by non-profit organizations. Scholarships will be based on financial need of the organization. 

*All sessions are mandatory.  If you choose not to participate after the start of the program, there is no refund, and your organization will be assessed any scholarship funds you may have received.

Application Criteria and Selection Process

The selection committee is comprised of Community Foundation representatives and Savannah Consulting.  

All candidates must:

•    Be a middle/senior management employee, emerging leader or business owner. 
•    Demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the Launchpad program.
•    Have an earnest desire for personal and professional growth.
•    Exhibit a commitment to the community.

Scholarship candidates must also:

•    Be a middle/senior management employee serving a 501c3 nonprofit organization in Chemung, Schuyler or SE Steuben counties.
•    Have at least three consecutive years in a middle/senior management position.  Tenure in other nonprofit organizations prior to the current position can be counted.

Application Deadline

Submit completed application by - December 7, 2019

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