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Welcome to Penny’s locker, the Youth Philanthropy Locker. If you are a student, teacher, educator, parent, program coordinator, or a fan of stories about ways kids are giving back in our community, you’re in the right place!

We believe in the youth from the Finger Lakes. In a region with an abundance of love and generosity, we hope to give every student in our region the tools they need to change the world.

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For Teachers

The Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Classroom Visit brings grant-making into your classroom. This lesson complements second grade teachers’ lessons in the NYS Learning Standards for the Civic Ideals and Practices unit. However, we feel the activity and lessons learned are beneficial to students of all ages and would be delighted for your invitation to teach your students about philanthropy.

Our 30-minute lesson teaches students about philanthropy and how nonprofits play a critical role in our community. Students will have the opportunity to end the lesson by giving a $100 grant to a local nonprofit of their choice!

If you are a teacher in the Elmira, Corning, or Addison School districts and would like to schedule a classroom visit, please fill out the information below, or contact Katie for more information.

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We’d love to make a day out of visiting your school, so if there are other teachers in your school who are interested in our lesson, please list their name, grade they teach, and email addresses here.
Please list 2-3 dates and times you have available for a visit.

For Educators


Interested in bringing Philanthropy into your program or classroom? Our Philanthropy curriculum digs deeper into what philanthropy is and how it can make a difference in our lives, community, and world.

  • Philanthropeeps: Philanthropeeps are students in middle school engaging with their community in a meaningful way. Our peeps are aware of issues specific to our community and identify actions – big and small – that they can take to improve the lives of those who live here. Students who participate in youth philanthropy programs gain a stronger community connection and civil belonging, have a better knowledge of local resources, and have a healthy perspective of personal actions within the context of the global community.

    Philanthropeeps are currently at the Corning-Painted Post Middle School, Cohen Middle School, and at Broadway Academy in Elmira.

  • Rose’s Youth Philanthropists (RYP): RYP students are high schoolers from five local area high schools. These students work hard throughout the year to bring lessons of philanthropy into their school and have the opportunity to award grants to local nonprofits at the end of the year.

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Rose’s Youth Philanthropist (RYP) Happenings

  • RYP meets throughout the school year visiting nonprofits, reviewing grants, and giving back. See below for updates.

  • Returning RYP members will meet in September to discuss recruitment of members and the impact they hope to make as a group this year. Check back to meet our members and hear their stories of giving!

Graduating Seniors Class 2019.jpg

RYP graduating members – what are they up to now?

We are sad when our RYP students graduate from our program but we love to watch them spread their wings. See below to find out what former RYP students are up to!

Name: Ryan Casey
Horseheads High School Class of 2018
College/University/Occupation: Binghamton University
Major: Pharmacy
Read on to see what Ryan is up to in his student blog update

Baby Peeps.jpg

Peeps making a peep!

Philanthropeeps are taking over their middle schools spreading kindness through service projects funded by grants they write themselves. Read on to hear how our students are identifying issues they see and making a peep about it.

Scholarship Highlights: What are our winners up to now?

The Community Foundation Scholarship Program matches deserving students with a scholarship award close to our donors’ hearts in over 170 scholarships awarded each year. No matter where our students are headed – Dartmouth, Montana State, Buffalo, or up the hill at Corning Community College -  we hope with their scholarship, they keep the Finger Lakes dear to their hearts.


Meet some of our recipients:

Name: Alexis Ess (with photo)
Elmira High School Class of 2018
College attending: Le Moyne College
Scholarship Received: King Rockwell Scholarship 2018, 2019
Alexis’s student blog update:

I was awarded the King Rockwell Scholarship in June and briefly met Julia, another freshman attending Le Moyne College, at the luncheon. At the luncheon we quickly exchanged Snapchat’s but didn’t keep in touch. When I arrived at school, I was informed that my assigned roommate had decide to take a semester off and that I would be living alone until further notice. As I was getting settled and finding a group of friends, I realized that Julia from the luncheon lived in the room below me! I knocked on her door one day to re-introduce myself and we became close friends from there on out. Two months later, she had issues with her roommate and I was still living alone so we talked to the housing directors. For the end of the semester we lived together and have been inseparable since, even getting together at home over our winter break.

I would like to thank the Community Fund for not only awarding me this scholarship, but for holding a luncheon where students can connect to others. For me this luncheon was very beneficial!