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Welcome to Penny’s locker, the Youth Philanthropy Locker. If you are a student, teacher, educator, parent, program coordinator, or a fan of stories about ways kids are giving back in our community, you’re in the right place!

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For Teachers
The Community Foundation’s Philanthropy Classroom Visit brings grant-making into your classroom. This lesson complements second grade teachers’ lessons in the NYS Learning Standards for the Civic Ideals and Practices unit. However, we feel the activity and lessons learned are beneficial to students of all ages and would be delighted for your invitation to teach your students about philanthropy.

Our 30-minute lesson teaches students about philanthropy and how nonprofits play a critical role in our community. Students will have the opportunity to end the lesson by giving a $100 grant to a local nonprofit of their choice!

If you are a teacher in the Elmira, Corning, or Addison School districts and would like to schedule a classroom visit, please fill out the information below, or contact Katie for more information.

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We’d love to make a day out of visiting your school, so if there are other teachers in your school who are interested in our lesson, please list their name, grade they teach, and email addresses here.
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